Sarah Jane ETSY shop open!

Wow. What a week this has been. I knew it was going to be intense, but I don't think I knew how much. I Have had such a great time getting to know new people as I have made my first sales, and received help from other ETSY artists regarding all the details of starting up.

I am doing my own printing now, and wow! It is wonderful! Having my own printing abilities has opened up a whole new set of possibilities! I can't wait to learn more!

Despite the rush of opening, we were able to enjoy the beautiful Utah autumn colors this weekend as we drove the Alpine Loop. Addie and Ian were so stimulated, that they couldn't fall asleep believe it or not! (Well, Addie that is.) She stayed in her crib singing "I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills.... for 2 hours. It was so cute, but boy she was tired in the morning!

I hope you like the shop! I felt like a first-day kindergardener when I made my very first sale! Butterflies and everything! I couldn't believe it! I am a perfectionist (to an extent) and I just want my artwork to be JUST RIGHT for my buyers. Translation: Up late, up early, Bob the Builder for the kids, stretching left overs as far as they go and Kenneth did a weeks worth of laundry for the first time in years. I am ready to be a real mom again! (well, what is real? the fact that my kids have had the stomach flu and have been letting me hold them for the past two days while working on my shop? I guess that is REAL).

But I am SICK of Bob the Builder!

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