Happy Halloween

Addie is a beautiful princess who needs to find her prince.

And then she sees him...bug-eyed and beautiful.


She knows what she need to do to get her prince...

Well, he was asking for it!

She found her prince! the frog loved these kisses so much, he went on for more!

We had a great time watching the kids all dressed up. They were so interested in seeing all the kids in their costumes. Addie, however, became quite scared at some of the older kids and their gory costumes...poor thing. We didn't stay long!

It has been a busy week full of drawing and shipping. I am still trying to balance it all...it's a lot of work right now, but I am trying to streamline. I am getting there. If anything, I just love seeing each drawing come to life. I have so much in my head ALL the time, and so when it finally comes off the printer, I get so excited! Here are a few new ones:

Hope you all had a great weekend! Enjoy Hallowoeen!