October in Polka-dot wellies

I love the fall. I grew up back east, where the autumn air is brisk and full of magic. As a child, I remember walking through the streets of trees, with the wind blowing my hair every which way. I loved it. This weekend has been a magical one with the magic of fall. Here is a piece inspired by my childhood and my love of wellies!

This weekend was Kenneth's Birthday. Kenneth is a 'yellow' and we just decided to have a spontaneous weekend!

* We took the kids out in the rain for puddle jumping

* Kenneth made sourdough bread, home made pasta (twice in a row), chicken fettuccine, broccoli with portobello mushrooms, grilled salmon, and double tiered triple chocolate cake with raspberries for the final BAM!

* We took the kids to the BYU campus for the first time and showed them where we had our first kiss (es).

* Kenneth and I discovered two new favorite dining spots...'Nicolaitalia' and 'Pudding on the Rice'. Made us feel like we were back in Boston again.

* Addie became officially potty-trained and can now go on trips in the car without a diaper. (she calls herself a 'potty train' now....with "choo-choo" side affects and everything.

* Addie and Ian learned how to do somersaults.

* We had friends and family over all weekend, and even managed (kenneth and I) to hang out at one of our fav places...Barnes and Noble.

Happy Autumn everyone!