All in a days work.

Have you ever just needed chocolate and it's only 10 am? It's been one of those mornings. Addie didn't go to bed until 10:30 last night (she is a stubborn little thing) and yet still managed to get up at 5 min before 7am. Needless to say, this morning has been a drama. In some ways, not too different than most days. I guess I just notice it more.

But already: the Floor has broken pieces of pretzel all over it, the table is covered in Addie's spilled morning fruit shake, the sink is full of dirty dishes, the counter is covered in this morning's breakfast preparations, there are blocks and cars all over the floor, Addie's clothes are strewn all over the couch, the highchair is covered in oatmeal and I am craving a shower. It's amazing what two little monkey's can do. It's amazing, cause most of the mess was created by one while I was taking care of the other. I wonder what else could happen if I was out more!

So, today is a cleaning day. The crazy thing though, is that every day is a cleaning day. I sweep at least 3 times a day, mop 3 times a week, vacuum every other day, wipe down counters and do dishes about 5 times a day, straighten up the family room about 4 times a day, and do laundry once a day. It's all a part of the day's routine. With having two, esp two so close to eachother, sometimes there just aren't enough hands to catch the spilling fruit shake when you are changing the other's diaper. Though the cleaning is never ending, so are the tickles and the kisses! I have to always remember that!