where you are today, your mind put you. where you are tomorrow, your mind put you.

Since I missed my cycle class this morning (it was just too dark and too cold...the soar throat didn't help either) I had a chance to do some Tae Bo. Miraculously, the kids took a nap at the same time, which never happens, and so I popped my DVD in , and sweat it out. It is sooo hard! I have a few of his, and this one is an advanced one ( i hope!) and I have never been able to finish them. Well, today, I did all 50 min (yahooo!) with a few breathing breaks in between. I really like his videos. they are challenging, but he also focusses so much on mind over body. I really like that. He also reminds you that your power really comes from God, and I like that too. So, at the end of the video today (which I had never seen) he says...where you are today, your mind put you. where you are tomorrow, your mind put you. That resonates with me so much! There is so much power in positive thinking. In some ways, the past two years have been a blur...a lot of running around blindly just trying to survive and get sleep where ever and when ever I could. but now that I am out of that phase, I am realizing the power that I have over my own thoughts and actions. Having kids takes the control you once had over your day, and throws it out the window! (I realized this once, when Kenneth came home from work and I asked him if I could go to the bathroom. asking permission? ya things were bad!) But now, I am really trying to get a better sense of tuning my mind to always thinking positively. Living in the moment, gaining control over what I can, and what I can't, to just go with the flow. But there is just so much power in the mind to change our views and our attitudes of our day. For me, not ever knowing how the day will fare can bring a sense of adventure. but, thinking that way takes mental energy and focus...and brings a lot of happiness. It is also surprizing how much the lord helps you with this too. So, ask yourself...what am I thinking about? am I building myself up? or am I giving up? food for thought.