Sick little monkeys

Well, Hopefully this is the last bug of the season, but what ever it is, we sure have it. There was a night there, that we thought Addie had the croup...the horrible barking cough that just sounds so painful. I am sick, and Ian has been abnormally fussy, but no cold or cough...yet. So, we have been watching a lot of disney, lots of liquid, lots of medicine and lots of rest (trying at least). The only way that I can really Get addie to stay still is if she is reading or watching a movie. So, that is what we have been doing. Ian just follows a long. We have been sick a lot this winter, and I am so ready to be done with this! Any ideas on good natural remedies for a bad cough and cold? or any secrets that you guys have on how to get through these slow days? We have been running her cool mist humidifyer, and keeping her fluids up and all the usual stuff. At least our spirits are up, and I spent friday and Saturday Deep cleaning the house. It helps me to breath better when i really am nor up for doing more work than I have to!