Introducing: Swaddle Fabric

I’m so excited to introduce to you Michael Miller’s newest line of product….swaddle fabric!

sarah jane swaddle fabric

Any new mother knows that swaddle blankets are at the top of all their wish lists. 7+ years ago, swaddle blankets became the “must have” for any new mother, and I’m here to attest to that! I’ve swaddled all my babies, with the first two being in a thin flannel because the “swaddle” material wasn’t widely available. Aiden and Anis made it popular, and since then, it’s a product no mother can live without. But now, there is access to this delicious fabric by the yard!! 

Now, technically, it’s double gauze and bubble gauze that I’ll be introducing you to. This fabric is not the double gauze you are used to handling...the linen-like material that is lovely, yet not as soft and supple as this fabric is. This fabric is just so soft, and it truly like the commercial swaddle blankets you are used to handling. I wish there was a “touch and feel” option on the screen!

Sarah Jane Swaddle Fabric

When I sought out to do swaddle fabric with Michael Miller, they sought out to find the very best quality of fabric...which frankly took years...and I'm so incredibly delighted with the quality. This is a game changer in so many ways! I initially became excited about it because I knew mothers and grandmother and aunts and friends could whip up their own swaddle blankets, and make a personal gift for baby. I didn't realize that the time how versatile  this fabric was going to be! 

sarah jane swaddle fabric

And because of it’s softness, clothing and fashion are a must! The bubble gauze, or single ply, is sheer and lovely. It can be worn sheer, or doubled up for opacity and extra softness. The solid colors swaddle fabrics are the Bubble Gauze.

The double gauze is opaque enough for clothing, and makes for such lovely breeze yet soft to the touch clothing. Here you can see the double gauze as shorts, and the top is two layers of the bubble gauze. 

But what I didn’t realize, is that this fabric is perfect for SO many projects besides just swaddle blankets! Because of the width of the fabric (52+ inches) it makes for amazing projects like bedding, quilt backs, and so much more.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.27.21 AM.png

Quilting is something we have experimented with the swaddle, and we are so happy with it. There will be more on that later! It does require that you allow for ½ inch seams as the fabric wants to fray after a wash, and you need to allow for that. Serging isn’t required, but it does help if you have one. However, without a serger, a good seam allowance does the trick!

I'm so thrilled for you to get your hands on this wonderful new fabric! 

It's shipping to stores now, and can be ordered wholesale with Michael Miller Fabrics or by emailing them at

For retail stores carrying the fabric, you can visit this page and find the nearest store near you or order online! 

For more images of the cotton collection SOMMER that goes with this line of swaddle, visit this blog post.

Stay tuned for more projects and more pictures! 

Enjoy! Happy Sewing! 


Sarah Jane