Introducing Children at Play

It's finally here! What I have had to keep a secret for 4 months now is my first offering to the wonderful world of textiles!

Children at Play is the name of the collection, and there are 4 groups...separated into colors but also into themes. And if you count, there are 52 pieces in all! Yes! Fifty Two! I think it's the biggest collection Michael Miller Fabrics has every done. But it's been SO wonderful to create and put together. With such a big group, I'll have to introduce it to you bit by bit so you can really get to know each piece and each collection properly. But for now, are you ok with an overall look?

I won't talk about it too much now, other than to say I am so happy with this collection! It was inspired by my own feelings of childhood, as well as my own children's. Simple play, creative play...the kind of play that requires imagination and no agenda. So while this collection has a very classic feel, there is a lot of whimsicality in the color and design as well.

There is so much to tell and share about these pieces. It's been a labor of love, and I really want to take you into the story of the collection. But I'll spread that out over time.  In the mean time, I'm sewing away and designing away as I get ready to debut these at the International Quilt Market in SLC, UT.

Spread the word, and come and visit! I'm booth #437 by the Michael Miller FabricsParty Booth.

Love to you all!



PS: CHILDREN AT PLAY is expected to ship at the end of the month. Depending on where the store is located, they should be stocked by mid-July!

UPDATE: Children at Play is in it's second wave of printing! The first wave sold out, so if you're local shop hasn't ordered yet, it should arrive in August.