setting up

room arranging We painted the kids rooms 4 months ago. We ripped out their floors 4 months ago. We put in one room of floors 3 months ago...but we never had time to paint and reassemble the bunk beds, or floor the second bedroom. This year, like most, has been really full. But I'm realizing (because I'm pregnant and actually on "pelvic rest") how much Kenneth and I are a total team. We get so much done when we are working on projects together!  But this year, he's been pulling 80 hour weeks, and I'm unable to move around very well. Hmmmm. Tricky.

See, I think and feel SO much more clearly when my spaces aren't cluttered, and the house is in order.  Not perfect order. I'm NOT a neat freak by any means. But the truth is, we've been under a lot of clutter because I've had to been on "pelvic rest" and I've not been able to do things like assemble and paint bunk beds. And it's something that's obviously second to making a baby, but not having beds for your 3 children gets to you after a while! It's something really only a woman can understand. When you have all three kids camping out in a small room with no floor space because the mattresses are sprawled out in a room the size of 3 mattresses, it's cute for the first couple weeks. But 4 months, and pretty soon you have a bunch of kids and a mommy that just need a bit more space.

room arranging 2


And we are starting to get there. I'm excited to show you the progress in the next few weeks. It's been quite the transformation. And the kids are really involved with which art piece of mine they want where...and are even giving me ideas for what they want me to make next. I love hearing their ideas. So clever.

And with this new space, I've been inspired and will be showing you some new art prints this week as well! I can't wait! They coordinate with my up and coming fabric line that I'll be sharing with you at the end of this month, and I'm tickled.

owl clock

Something that's really hard to articulate, is the dilemma of the mother-artist that lives in a constant ebb and flow of creativity and order. For me, when life is out of order, I'm not very creative. But on the flip side, when I'm crazy creative, things get out of order. You'd think I'd have this all figured out by now. But something about not having order in my home these past couple months with rooms under construction, being on partial bed rest, and managing on my own most of the week, I've found that I've been less creative than I normally am. Any of you fall into this boat? And maybe it's the nesting, or maybe it's just me....but something about starting a room from scratch and reorganizing my home makes all the juicy creativity flow again. I could be odd, but I bet I'll find a soul mate reading this and saying....."Um...Yes. That'sexactly the way it is."


But on a good note, I actually got cooperative, happy children for Easter pictures right before church. Like 3 minutes before church. Score! I haven't always been so lucky:) Actually, I've never been that lucky. Happy kids. That's what I live for. And 3 faces in focus:) Eek! Soon to be 4! I can't wait.

But really....I'll be posting lot of new things this week. New art, originals, sewn items, and a sale! So stay tuned:)

Creative Motivators

Lately, I've been thinking about creativity, ideas, and I've been drawn to reading and watching people I admire in the creative arts. Keeps me motivated. I've shared some of these on Facebook this week, but I wanted to post them here, because they've affected my own creative spirits so much, and I hope they inspire some of you too!

Love this one. Oliver Jeffers is a favorite of mine. Total creative genius. Such a fun peek into his creative process.

And Rilla Alexander has been on my radar for a while. This is a must see. She is speaking at the 99 Conference (have you heard of it? 99 stands for 1% inspiration 99% perspiration) Conference about ideas, but mostly getting those ideas into ACTION.

Love it.

Hope you are just as inspired as me!


According to a 6 year old....


Ian, my 6 year old, came up to me this week, and made this very profound statement. It really took me back (especially since he loves reading books on magic, dragons, and all kinds of fantasy creatures).

And I found myself so wrapped up in that thought. I've spent a lot of time as a mother valuing pretend play, imaginary play and all the ways that children experiment with that they know, see, fear and love. And that fact that he shows so much confidence in his pretending makes me so happy. But that he would take something like "magic," recognize that it doesn't exist, but acknowledge that anything can exist when he's pretending it to, made me smile.

I love childhood. I really do. I don't really know what I'll do when my kids grow up, or when I grow up for that matter. I just won't. That's that.

show me color

It's right about now, every year, that I find myself saying, "Slow down! Stop! Freeze!" Wait. No. Not freeze. That will come soon enough.

Think about this: of all the seasons, I think this one is when you can really witness daily change and turnover. Every season comes in with it's own personality, but Fall is when I literally find myself saying "How orange are you today little tree?"

It's pretty much magic, isn't it? I'm stopping to look today. What is your favorite way to capture Autumn? Of all the seasons, this one never lasts as long as I want it to.

Have a LOVELY weekend everyone!!



what if we said it more

I've been thinking a lot of compassion lately. Understanding both sides of the story. Being aware of other's needs before your own. Maybe it's the political climate. Maybe it's that I have small children and not a day goes by with some lesson that includes the word "share" "say you're sorry" "I love you" and "It's OK."

Maybe it's that the Weepies are on repeat tonight: "Don't say words you don't mean | Looking back now I only wish I had been kinder | Did I ever know love, did I ever know love? And could I have been blinder?"

But I'm constantly aware of the possibly oversimplified truth, but truth nevertheless, that if we all just learned to see and understand the other person's perspective, and said "I'm Sorry" more often, the world would be better off for it.

And I personally wouldn't mind painted color dots showing up every time forgiveness happened either. It'd be a much prettier world, at that.

Be unexpectedly nice to someone today.

Pin & Flickr Friday

I'm going to start a new feature on fridays. So many of you are amazing and have created such gorgeous work with my fabric, prints, etc. And I just love sharing! Facebook, flickr and pinterest are great places to share, and I'm there everyday checking out your projects. But after the survey you all took last month (THANK YOU by the way!) I realized that only 50% of you are peeking onto those sites. Which it totally fine, of course!  But you also said that you wanted to see more inspiration on the blog of room ideas, sewing projects, etc. to inspire your own ideas!

So I'll be sharing my favorite of your creations here, and on Fridays!

Violet Field Threads is new to me, but when I saw these new patterns of theirs on Facebook, I about died. I think I might have cried even.

They took the Deep Sea Jewel colorway of OUT TO SEA and made these gorgeous little nautical inspired dress patterns!

Designing fabric makes me want to design clothing. But since that probably won't happen in my lifetime (I do cherish some semblance of sanity!) I love it when people use the fabric in such a special way.

Aren't these amazing?

The fabrics used here are:

Nautical Stripe

Sea Flowers

Sail Away Border print

Ship Wheels

Most pics I'm going to share aren't going to be as professional as don't hesitate to share what you've made!

Or take pictures of the rooms that you've created around Sarah Jane prints, projects, etc.

So here are a few places that you can start posting your Sarah Jane creations: If you see on my Side Bar here on the blog, (in case you are reading this in a reader, and not on the site:)  you'll see the different FLICKR groups (Out to Sea, Children at Play, Embroidery and Decorating)that you can join as my Pinterest account, which I try and repin what I find online! It's a great way to help others get inspired!

(And of course if you aren't into any of those biggie...I just want to make sure you know where to post images if you feel inclined to!) 

You are always welcome to email me directly and share what you are making or decorating. I'd love to see (and if you don't want me to share it online, please say so)

My contact  info is up there on the right--

Do you have any fun projects you are working on this weekend? The Crisp Fall Air has me in a magical

Have a wonderfully creative weekend!





Sarah Jane


The blog has been full of pretty things and projects lately, and I've not really taken the chance to share a couple thought's I've been having.

Have you ever had the experience of being completely down, broken or vulnerable but to look up and see a certain sky that is so breathtaking and so unique you know it was meant for just you?

I have.

Many times.

Our little fixer-upper cottage sits on top of a hill where I can see the sunset every day. And I often wonder, when those post-stormy sunsets burst through, "I wonder who that one is for tonight."

I've struggled enough to know that those moments of bursting sunlight through the clouds can be just the symbol needed to smile and keep my gaze up. And because I get to see it every evening, I think about all the people seeing that same glorious setting and who might need it most.

I tired mother? I newly widowed neighbor? A frustrated teen?

I don't always think about these in more than abstract thoughts, but it does make me recognize how far our fire can go if we just light it. 

Do you see those sun rays spreading over miles of sky? Piercing through the last bits of heavy cloud?

I'm going to be honest with you, and say that I'm actually a naturally shy person who feels comfortable with the few close people in my life, namely my family and a few friends. Sharing my art started as an experiment and has turned into more than just a hobby. But I won't lie and say that I often wish I could just keep myself behind that cloud. Especially when I'm tired and times get hard. Cause they do. But seeing this sunset yesterday.... seeing those beaming rays from one little peek of sun.... reminded me that while it can be hard to put myself out there all the time and every really never know how far it can reach, or who will chance to see it.

And that is a beautiful concept. It's passion that pushes me out of my shell....passion for art, for children, for beauty, simplicity and what could be.

So, I guess you could say that I'm convinced that we all have a light to shine, but just as important, we have light to inspire us to keep the fire going.

Joy. Love. Passion. Care. Deep Curiosity. Ambition. Motivation. Self Purpose. Heart.

These can ebb and flow. Thank goodness for "lights" that whisper to us to keep our light shining.

I'm peeking through today to nod  to all you fire-y beautiful people. Incase anyone needed to see a sunset. Love to you all.






OUT TO SEA Blog Tour: Zephyr Dress


Good morning!

As promised, today I'm letting you know about our 3rd project on the OUT TO SEA blog tour!

The Sail Away Panel Print was so fun to make, and I knew it going to be a lot of fun to sew with. Just like the On Parade print, this one is so versatile, and even better, it comes in 3 colors, and is great for boy AND girl projects! (This print is printed along the selvedge edge of the fabric on both sides, leaving you with up to 27 inches of fabric to work with before you would start cutting into the opposite side)

I was looking for just the right dress to feature this print, and I had to use the Zephyr dress by Figgy. I actually contacted Figgy to get permission to get the pattern before it was out for the public so I would have time to sew it for market.  It's the perfect length for an end of summer play dress, and even features rope straps for that nautical feel!

Because I'm featuring a purchasable pattern today, I wanted to find a way for you get more out of it. When I asked Shelly of Figgy Patterns to show us a little more about how to use the pattern, she showed me this great video tutorial on the Zephyr dress/romper on  Craftsy that we're all getting a discount to use!

Craftsy is offering a 50% off discount (just for you!) for this class on the Zephyr dress/romper which includes the full pattern as well! So, if you do the math, the class and pattern costs basically the same as the pattern itself. Steal!

In the tutorial, Shelly guides you through measuring techniques, sewing techniques and tips based on this pattern.It's really great, and broken into 5 segments so it's easy to mark your place, go back or skip ahead.The best part is that you can ask questions while you are sewing!

Happy Sewing!

Click here for the 50% Zephyr class tutorial

Click here to purchase just the Zephyr dress/romper pattern only

Have fun sewing!

**By the way...this pattern is being featured on my blog tour because I know so many people have inquired and asked where to get no affiliations involved:)

And on a fabric update: the fabric is shipping to stores now! Check my FABRIC STOCKISTS page on my sidebar for local and online stores. I've been getting a lot of emails and facebook messages about how and where to get the fabric, so start checking those locations, and I'll have some updates with more details soon!