INTRODUCING: New Embroidery Patterns

Wild Horse PDF Embroidery Pattern by Sarah Jane

I'm so very thrilled to be offering you these new embroidery patterns available now in the shop! There has been a 2 year gap between new patterns, and I think it's about time to bring you some new inspiring designs! 

This pattern, called Wild Horse, is inspired from my Wee Wander fabric line, and it's one I've had in my head for a long time. I wanted to give you the option of being able to stitch it either in an outline or I think both really offer a different feeling. There is something about the texture that I just love in the filled design, and I wanted to show you what it could look like as a split stitch, following the direction of the natural horse hair. 

But also, with the open version, it feels whimsical and light, and so you are welcome to try both! 

Firefly Garden, also inspired from the Wee Wander fabric line, is a chance to stitch both children and flowers, and I had so much fun with this one. It's a great sampler can use it just for the floral sampler. But I love this little scene of the children catching fireflies...something that is so fun and easy to stitch with a french knot and little glowing light stitches. It makes me so happy! 

Choose Happy is a motto I've always stood by, and one that we talk a lot about as a family. Happiness is a choice! Doesn't matter your circumstances, how people treat you or what's going on in your outside environment....Happiness is something you get to choose. And I wanted to create a stitching pattern around that felt simple yet inspiring. I love the stitching on this, and it's a really fun pattern to make! 

Each one of these patterns are PDF Downloads only, which really allows me to get them into as many hands as possible! Each pattern comes with a color guide, a stitching guide, a tracing view as well as a transfer view and photographs to give you inspiration and guidance as you stitch! 

I hope you enjoy stitching these! With the holidays coming, I can see these as wonderful gifts to share with your loved ones. Happy Stitching! 


Lola Dutch Book Tour

Lola Dutch Book Tour

We are so excited to announce our 2018 Winter Book tour for Lola Dutch! 

Lola Dutch launches on January 30th, and we will be spending the first two weeks visiting various cities doing both bookstore signings, and school visits! We will be in Seattle, Chicago, San Fransisco, Denver and Salt Lake City! 

We will be signing books, sharing the greater vision and message behind the book and knowing my husband, finding clever ways to make everyone have a really fun time! Lola is quite the character, and we feel that she's just going to find a fast and easy way to your hearts...we can't wait to share more with you! 

So, mark your calendars! We can't wait to see you after the holidays! 



Enter your order information HERE to receive your free Lola Dutch Creativity Kit on Launch Day! 


BOOK OF THE WEEK: Baabwaa & Wooliam

This is a new book out this fall, and I couldn't be more in love!

The subtitle alone hooked me: A Tale of Literacy, Dental Hygiene, and Friendship

This book is about two sheep friends who knit and read (Sounds kind of boring, but they like it) who decide to have more adventure in their life. On their adventure, they encounter a wolf, and I won't say any more than that...but it's so CLEVER! And funny. And a wonderful read-aloud. 

The illustrations are done by my favorite Melissa Sweet (caldecott medalist and just pure delight!). It's fresh, witty, and charming all the same time. 

I love me a good "bedtime" book. One that has kind of that...Once upon a time...feeling. And this is one of those. A clever and classic addition to your library! 

CLICK HERE to purchase. 


Mrs. Witch & Boo Paper Toy

mrs witch and boo paper toy

Here at out house this weekend, we are getting in the Halloween spirit! These paper toys I made for some imaginary fun for the kids to play puppets, decorations or just imaginary play! 

All you need to do, is print out the download (preferably on a thicker paper like cardstock printing paper) and cut out! Fold back on the tabs, and they will stand up! She comes with a handy broom too, in case she needs to fly away on Halloween night. Enjoy! 

Lola Dutch

lola dutch cover

We are just about 3 months away from a VERY BIG DAY!!! 

Lola Dutch, written and illustrated by myself and my husband Kenneth, will be launching on January 30th, 2018! We are more than a little bit excited as we get ready to introduce to you this spunky and passionate little girl and her wonderful friends! 

Lola Dutch is the first picture book in a series of books, and is being published with Bloomsbury Publishing USA and UK. The exciting thing about that, is Lola Dutch will be released in the USA, UK, CANADA and AUSTRALIA all around the same time! Which makes me so very happy, because I know so many of you are spread out around the globe. 

We have created a website for LOLA DUTCH which will make it much easier to share information, and give you a grander sense of her world. Have a look! You can pre-order there, sign up for the newsletter, and soon you'll be able to download activities and other lovely and useful things for kids! 

Lola Dutch isn't just a book, we hope. We hope it inspires a movement in preserving curiosity in childhood. This book was inspired by our own passion for learning and life, and we hope Lola inspires us all to be life long learners and to inspire our children not to just passively consume information, but to create and to DO something with that they learn, in order to be active doers and thinkers as they grow up! 

Stay tuned for more as we get closer to January 30th! 

Cleaning out the shop SALE

30off 2.jpg

Well, I can hardly believe it, but SARAH JANE STUDIOS turns TEN in a few weeks. 

And to make room for some new shifts coming here at SARAH JANE, I'm clearing out maybe 1/2 the shop! There are things that I've had in there for a VERY long time, and I'm going to be tidying up a bit. 

So if there is something that you have been wanting to get, now's the chance! 

The sale will be running from Thursday until Monday located in the Shop HERE

Thanks for all your amazing support over the years! 

I'm excited to have you be a part of some lovely new changes this upcoming year! 


Sarah Jane

Motherhood Moment: Get Down

motherhood moment3.jpg

I'm so amazed how a little reminder like this in my day can completely transform my mothering. Motherhood can so easily be filled so with heaviness and exhaustion. Responsibility over these little people, coupled with the unnatural pace of life and a twist of undue pressure from our online culture...we can easily feel like throwing the towel in at the littlest explosion at home. Often by only 8:30 am. 

Today, take a moment and be little. Get on their level, and connect. See the wonder in what they see and notice how much of your focus goes to what matters most. And to Joy. Motherhood is full, but it is sprinkled in so many moments of joy as we get down, connect and see from their amazing perspective. Suddenly the messes and to-list becomes secondary.

For me, I feel connected to my calling to keep these moments alive for both them and me. I can be the keeper of the flame. Being present with them, and in the moment with them, keeps me centered to this amazing work. And goodness, so much happier. 

Get down:) 


Sarah Jane

Need some Inspiration for the weekend?

Sarah Jane Studios

Hope you are all having a lovely start to your Friday! 


Here's some good things for you this weekend: 


1. Interested in learning how to start writing that book you've been dreaming about? Lara Casey has a post on her process here.


2. WHY I STOPPED HUSTLING: This article showed up in my inbox this week, and I couldn't love it more. 


3. This Mother Interview on Anna Purna Living. Julie Moret is new to me, but she has such a lovely message. 


4. I'm not a homeschooler, but I love tapping into homeschool ideas for home and family learning time. I just found WILD + FREE Company, and I'm in LOVE with their monthly catalogs and podcast. Such lovely, simple place to reference


5. I'm loving my new Write the Word Journal, and while they sold out like in a few days, you can preorder them now! 


6. Loving this Simplicity Parenting book. So much wisdom and validation for focussing on what matters most. 


7. PUJ CUPS are my favorite, and now you can order the PHILLup Cup 2.0 that are even better! 12 more days to pre-order! Game changer. 


8. I'm going to make this over the weekend, and while I've not tried it yet, all her recipes are amazing. 


9. If you are in Utah, go to the Provo City Library Children's Book Festival and visit with the amazing Dan Santat!  


10. This soundtrack (this song especially) is officially the soundtrack of my life. Try it for the weekend.


Have a lovely weekend everyone! 


Sarah Jane