Giveaway #2: ATLY creative classes

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I'm so excited to introduce atly to you.

atly is a brand new (launched this summer!) online creative class platform and is a fantastic place to spend a lot of time...learning, creating, making and engaging.

Their message: LEARN | IMPROVE | INSPIRE

I have been so attracted to their message, their clean, easy to navigate site and  their emphasis on forever learning for all ages. I love that you don't have to subscribe, but rather have the choice to take classes as you see fit. I love that they take a portion of their profits and donate to the Women's and Children's Education Fund. I also love that it's also set up in a way so that if you wanted to teach classes, you could earn a very good side income by sharing your gifts with others.

I asked them to share a little about their business so you can get to know them a little bit more:

Tell us why you started your shop:

atly was conceived because of a belief that we are never too old or too smart to learn.  We believe that life is best when we are learning from one another.

What sets your company and makes your work special?

We love being in a position to influence without borders, without restraint.  We hope to inspire and educate people across the globe.  We are believers in making education fun and accessible for everyone.  We are going to great lengths to enhance the learning process for our students.

Anything special for the holidays?

We'd love to spread the word. - Like Santa, we're giving away free stuff. We hope people will take advantage of our free classes.

 * * * * * *

What are you giving away?

atly is offering 1 free class of the winner's choice, with the upgrade. Some classes come with an upgrade option that includes instructor feedback.

Are you including a discount for our readers? 

We're going the extra mile here--readers have access to two free classes that are currently posted on our site. The

Buttercream Basics class

is free, and the

Crockpot Freezer Meals class

is free for the first 2,000 registrants.

* * * * * *


1) Leave a comment below and tell us what class you'd love to take!


2) Follow atly on Instagram and leave a comment here letting us know

3) PIN an image from the atly BLOG or WEBSITE and share the pinterest address of your board or pin here in the comments below

4) Follow atly on FACEBOOK and leave a comment below letting us know

5) Giveaway ends Sunday Night December 15th 10 pm EST







School Lunch Notes part 2

lunch notes photo

lunch notes photo

Remember the Printable Lunch notes from last year? My kids loved them, and I'm finally making more!

I'm a diligent lunch note maker. Are you? I grew up with my mom always sneaking in little reminders, happy quotes, funny one-liners and just plain "I love you's."

It always set my day right.

And now with my own kids, I'm always drawing on my kids napkins, making sweet little hello's, and I thought I'd make them available to you too!

This is a FREE download. I've included the printable from last year as well in case ya missed it.





And for a YEAR LONG supply of lunch box notes, I’ve made this incredible set of notes that will last for the 180 days of school, and guess what? It works for pre-school kids all the way to grownups! Inspirational thoughts, sweet messages as well as inspiring quotes that will keep your favorite people motivated to do their best and stay connected to you all day long!



click here to download

click here to download


Happy Lunch making!

Make Believe Panel Pillow Tutorial

panel pillow blog Many of you have asked for a basic pattern on this pillow, and here it is! It's made from my panel print in the Let's Pretend fabric line, and is super simple to make.

You can basically make this however you want, but I've made a little download for you in case you want to make it just as this one is. I've used an IKEA pillow insert here, but you can format it to any pillow size you have. Horizontal is nice...and really features the line of kids pretending. My favorite is the boy with the rhino head on, which is a bit hard to see here. But it makes me smile:)

panel pillow blog2

So, I hope you are enjoying some summer sewing! I've got to get cranking on some baby projects myself!

Click HERE to download the free pillow tutorial.

Have fun Sewing!

And in case you forgot, the summer sale ends Sunday! Don't miss it!

summer sale 2013


Sarah Jane

Triangle Quilt Tutorial

triangle quilt blog How is summer sewing for you? Here's a really fun quilt pattern that Amy Smart at Dairy of a Quilter and I came up with to feature my new fabric collection, Let's Pretend.

I love triangles, and it fits this fabric line perfectly with all the geometric textiles.

We chose to use the bolder colors in the line, and it makes for a great statement! I'm using this as a floor blanket for new baby boy coming soon. But it's big enough to be on a toddler bed, or throw blanket.

quilt blog

You can download the FREE pattern here!

Have fun!

Oh, and don't forget about the summer sale going on! The details are here:

summer sale 2013




Sarah Jane



summer sale 2013  

Hi everyone! It's about time for a summer sale...what do you think? I'm loving summer (even being 8 months pregnant with record heat) and July is always a favorite month for me (anyone else with a July birthday?)

So, I'm saying THANK YOU for all your support and love and giving back with a coupon for 25% off in the shop. That includes even the lovely handmade quilts I have ready for a lovely new home!

I made a free print for you as well. I'm always marveling at how children see the world.  It's always amazing to me, and I consider myself so blessed to create art that forces me to see more of what they see. I created this cloud design with my latest fabric collection, and I've made you a little phrase to help us all remember  what it's like to see like a child. I've got a FREE illustrated print for you that will come to your email with your order confirmation. Yahoo!

This is size 5x7, but it's got lots of white space on the print out, so you are able to frame it however it suits you best! So enjoy:)


vertical frame blog


Thank you all for your kind words, thoughtful emails and support...especially as we prepare for baby #4. It means so much!


Happy 4th of July to my friends in the states, and happy summer all around!

Giveaway#5: Last and Final one!

sarah jane giveaway Dun, Dun, Dun......

Final and last giveaway of the week! Hasn't this week been fun? I don't offer giveaways much, so I hope you've enjoyed checking in daily.

So, to end things with a BANG, I'm going to be giving away ONE mystery parcel filled with fabric and paper goods from my studio (about $60+ in goods!) and a $75 gift card to the shop! The Parcel will have 10 Fat Quarters, and some other cuts of Children at Play Fabric and the Out to Sea collection. I've also got discontinued greeting cards, some catalogs, a print maybe....

So, let's get going!


1) Visit My Shop

2) Leave a comment here below and tell me something awesome:)


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5) This Giveaway ends Monday @ Midnight EST

Don't forget to enter the other giveaways...those all end Tonight!

Good Luck!!

COMMENTS CLOSED: Winner is Jo Kealley 

Giveaway #4: Quilt Sandwich Fabrics

Quilt Sandwich giveaway And YES! Another Fabric Giveaway. Oooooooh. I love Quilt Sandwich. They are an ETSY shop and have such great taste in fabrics. A little of everything, but specializing in designer prints. I just love browsing their collections...they really have great taste.

I'm loving these prints and colors right now. I'd love to know what your favorites currently are!





Quilt Sandwich will be giving away $30 worth of fabric to one winner! Here's the scoop:


1) Visit Quilt Sandwich Shop

2) Leave a comment here below and give them some love


4) Like their Facebook Page, and comment below to let me know

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5) Giveaway ends Friday @ Midnight EST

Good Luck!!

Don’t forget about our other giveaways…entries are open for all of them all week! More giveaways yet to come, so come by tomorrow too! 


COMMENTS CLOSED: Winner is Deborah, jdgunthrope


Giveaway #3: Darlybird

darly bird giveaway  

So these giveaways are getting better and better. Have you noticed?

Confession: Darlybird has been favorite online boutique of mine since I discovered her products popping up all over Stephanie's house. And then, Rachel the all-star owner, moved into my hometown and opened a fabric boutique about 10 minutes from my house, with an entire room (and then some) dedicated to eclectic Darlybird cuteness. My confession? This is my go-to shop to visit when I'm down. It always cheers me up. So much color and happiness.  You can't beat her prices. And I've never left empty handed;)

Today, Darly Bird is giving away ONE grand gift certificate of $50 to use anywhere in the shop. FIVE will receive GOODY BAGS which are mystery bags stuffed with random lovely goods from the shop, amounting to $45 each in product. And ALL can use the code 'SARAHJANE' to get 20% off the shop until MAY 1st, 2013! (Amazing!!)

I'm so excited for you. You're gonna get hooked.


1) Visit Darlybird Shop

2) Leave a comment here below and give them some love


4) Subscribe to her awesome newsletter (you will want to...she's got some amazing stuff up her sleeve) and leave a comment below telling me you’ve done so


5) Giveaway ends Friday @ Midnight EST

6) Don’t forget to use the 20% off coupon SARAHJANE good until May 1st

Good Luck!!

Don't forget about our other giveaways...entries are open for all of them all week! More giveaways yet to come, so come by tomorrow too! 

 COMMENTS CLOSED: Winners are: Stacy M, Mindy G, Ali J, Lesa & Melissa S