Spring Book Giveaway #2: Dare,Dream,Do

I'm really thrilled to be giving away this brand new book today! Not a children's book, not illustrated by me, but one I completely endorse because of what I believe in.

I believe in Dreams. I've always been a dreamer. When I was 13 and someone told me that if I went after my dreams I could accomplish them, I was convinced. But life can get in the way, and I've since learned that it's not about dreaming as much as it is DARING and DOING. And this book is just the tool to have around to get you out of your head and make things happen!

Whitney has had some amazing experiences, and wrote this book not only from her perspective, but includes dozens and dozens of amazing stories from people who to have dared to dream.

I've followed Whitney's blog for a few years now, and she has helped so many people work through the stuff that gets in the way of reaching those goals!

Today, I’m giving away 1 signed copy of the book!

Here’s the scoop:

1) Leave ONE comment below

2) LIKE her new page on facebook and add ONE MORE comment with the update

2) Entries will be closed at midnight Eastern Standard time

3) Check back tomorrow to see who the winner is

4) And, if you can right click one more time, spread the word the best way you know how: Twitter, Facebook, Good Reads, Like it on Amazon, tell your kid’s school teacher…Let’s keep the book industry stay alive, shall we? It’s a struggling world out there on many levels, and books haven’t been spared. Sharing the love, even just with a click, can make such a difference!

Good luck!

*COMMENTS CLOSED* Congrats to Diane #64 !!