Sometimes I wonder what you guys all see from the outside.

In here, behind this little screen of yours, I'm dashing about from one project to the next, creating and making and coordinating lots of things at once. I'm probably also wearing a tutu and wings with glitter, dancing about and magically making it all happen. You just keep thinking that! That's a happy thought.

But sometimes I wonder if it just seems kinda boring on the other side of the screen, your side, cause well, I'm not showing it all to you. And sometimes I just can't. But I can open up the porthole just a crack, can't I?

Yesterday I finally buckled down and got a housekeeper. Quilt Market is in 4 weeks, and I'm feeling the burn and so I had someone come in yesterday, and wow! What a difference. But it was funny, cause she hit everything like a whirlwind--all the rooms at once-- and it was all such a mess before it got better. That's kinda how things are here. There's tons going on behind the scenes, and soon it's all going to come together in this perfectly imperfect way...I love seeing how it all comes together. And it's all in the coming days and weeks!

So, are you ready to stick with me?

I'm going to be trickling peeks in for you during the coming days and weeks....and it's going to be a lot of fun...but it might feel like it's all over the place until it all comes together. Like a good story really.

So this week, while I'm wrapping up the mess and to fill in the time, I'm going to be doing some awesome book giveaways. I have some giveaways lined up, and hopefully that will keep the attention off the stuff I'm not showing you just yet, and will buy me some time while I dash about in my glittery tutu. :)

Ready. Set......